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We are delighted that you are choosing to explore Apositiva Institute. We offer you a delightful and alternative learning atmosphere for training in NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching, MindMapping, and more.

Simply select from the course options below to reserve your space in the class. Discounts are offered for pre-paid tuition one month in advance.

To sign up and reserve your space you can download and print the registration form or complete it online (see below).

Courses & Dates

If you miss a class, no problem. You can jump in now and come to upcoming classes. Some classes are recorded webinars, which you can review in between classes.

Apositiva’s new course series includes an online component

Module 1: Students meet the first Friday along with Saturday and Sunday.

Modules 2 through 8: Students attend Wednesday, 90-minute, live webinars, and in person training on Saturdays and Sundays. In fairness to you and us, we offer small and highly customized courses, so once a course begins there are no refunds. You may come to future classes for no additional cost. Instructors may be available for coaching by separate agreement. Coaching services may include videos, tutoring or online classes.

Dates and Updates:  Think Flexible. In these changing times, dates can change. We may change class dates to make classes more lush and wonderful. Please be open to adjustments. Thanks.

NEW Hypnotherapy Certification Trainings (C.Ht) 2017

Week 1

Dates:   Starts May 12 / Graduates September 10, 2017
Time:     Wednesday Webinar 7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday 9:30 -5 pm
Where:  Apositiva Center, Portland, Oregon
Description: Your first weekend of Friday through Sunday begins onsite. Consecutive week-ends are Wednesday webinars and everyone onsite Saturday and Sunday at Apositiva Center. You will learn the basic, foundation and essential skills, and mastery.
Total Hours: 150+ *

When is the next series of classes?

Sharing Ideas - by Cat Wilson

Sharing Ideas – by Cat Wilson

Upcoming Series of 2017 Mastery Skills Training

Requirement: Curiosity  (Please call to discuss your curiosity.)

Webinar and Experiential Classes
Hypnotherapy, NLP, and More!

Once you get a taste of the fun, food and frolic people experience in learning you will want to keep growing. If you like a casual atmosphere, where people connect, learn, and grow you will enjoy how we present. Join us! Wednesdays after Week 1 are Webinars
Saturday and Sundays are Experiential Classes held in Center

Times:     Wednesday Web  7-8:30p, Saturday & Sunday Class 9:30-5p

  • Week 1) May 12, 13, 14, 2017 (Onsite)
  • Week 2) May 17 , May 20-21
  • Week 3) June 7 , June 10 and 11
  • Week 4) June 14 , June 17 and 18
  • Week 5) July 5 , July 8 and 9
  • Week 6) July 12 , July 15 and 16
  • Week 7) August 9 , August 12 and 13
  • Week 8) September 6 , September 9 and 10

Each week-end offers something new to advance your skills.

You can think about all the things you want to learn in life, or you can come and learn now. Sign up now.


Advanced Timeline  – SPECIAL

Timeline HandsRequirement: Curiosity and NLP Knowledge (Please call to discuss with Rich Aanrich.)
Date: To be announced
Time: Workshop on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-5pm.

Advanced Timeline is offered as an Onsite workshop.


Pediatric Hypnotherapy Certification

Playing with Robots - sketch of a boy having fun by Cat Wilson

Playing with Robots – sketch of a boy having fun by Cat Wilson

Requirement: Completed C.Ht., Counselor, or Special Education or Experience (Please call to discuss with Cat Wilson.)
Date: Winter 2017
Time: Friday, 7-9pm. Introductory night. Workshop on Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm.

Pediatric Coaching is offered online and in Workshop. Onsite workshop is Friday, Winter 2017. 9am – 4pm.



NLP Master Practitioner Training 2017

2012-07-15 11.25.19Dates:   To be announced
Time:     Friday, Saturday & Sunday
Where:  Apositiva Center, Portland, Oregon
Description: Classes are begin Spring, 2016. Call for more information. Past students are welcome back to make up classes, assist, or play. Do you hold a Practitioner in NLP , and New to Apositiva? Finish here. Call Cat if you are a past student and miss us or if you are new to Apositiva and want to finish your Masters in delightful play in a safe sanctuary. The instruction part of this class will be held 2pm – 6pm. Students may practice in the morning at training center.



MindMapping & Visual Facilitation Course

Reach Higher to Synergism - Photo by Rich Aanrich

Reach Higher to Synergism – Photo by Rich Aanrich

Dates:   Mindmapping is scheduled for June 17, 2017.
Visual Facilitation Course – To be scheduled in 2017

She loves this class and will put it on the schedule as requested.

Cat Wilson and Ken Iverson will add Storytelling to Visual Facilitation.
Date:      To Be Announced
Time:     Saturday & Sunday 9-5p
Where:  Apositiva Center, Portland, Oregon
Description: Classes are scheduled for 2016 in our center at Apositiva. If you want to get started on your own, we also offer a DVD and Workbook (see below).

See the Event Calendar for regular group MindMapping sessions at Apositiva Center.


Note: *Essential Skills Training

Sign up Hypno/NLP/Mindmap Class

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Tuition Payment

Hypnotherapy Certification Trainings (C.Ht) 2017

  • $ 3495 / Course ($400 Deposit paid when registering)
  • $ 2995 / Prepay (Pre-pay discount when paid 10 days prior to course)
  • Six (6) month and Twelve (12) month payment options available. Call if needed.

Most students of the C.Ht certification also choose the NLP certification below to receive two certifications!

NLP Practitioner Certification Training 2017

  • $ 595 / Course (Paid when registering)
  • $ 495 / Course (Pre-pay with discount when paid 10 days prior to course)

Advanced Timeline


  • $ 295 / Course (Paid when registering)
  • $ 195 / Course (Pre-pay discount when paid 10 days prior to course)



NLP Master Practitioner Training 2017

  • $ 2695 / Course ($400 Deposit paid when registering)
  • $ 2295 / Course (Pre-pay discount when paid 10 days prior to course)
  • Six (6) month and Twelve (12) month payment options available. Call if needed.

MindMapping & Visual Facilitation Course

  • $195 two day Mindmap I & II (with Visual Facilitation)
  • $145 one day Mindmap I, (single day)
  • $95 PRE-PAY Mindmap I, (single day)
  • $39.95 for a Online Link and Workbook.

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